Young Readers Book Review: King Lion and the Beetle

By Prasha Maharjan

If you have kids of young age or non-readers, you might enjoy reading the Fable to your kid. I have picked up the King Lion and the Beetles from Fable this time. Hope that you will enjoy.

King Lion and the Beetle is a fable with the moral that it is the high and mighty who have the longest distance to fall.

The story appeared in the Fable, a book by Arnold Lobel. It received the prestigious award Caldecott Medal for illustration in 1981. The book was released by Harper Collins.

King Lion goes on a tour in his regal attire to show off what a beautiful and noble creature he was. Everyone on his way bows low to pay him respects. Then, he runs into the tiny Beetle. He suspects that Beetle was not bowing to him. He commands Beetle to bow low. Beetle is actually bowing; but from the height that the King was looking at, it seemed as though Beetle was not. King bows low himself, so low that he finally loses control and rolls into a ditch. 
So many times, the successful and rich look down on the lowly and humble. People aspire to be successful but they forget that when a successful and rich person falls, he actually falls from high up to very low, and the thud is even louder. This fable teaches that people of every position should be meek and humble.

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