Quake and Tsunami hit Japan

Live footage that is of 8.9 magnitude of massive earthquake and 10 meter tsunami followed by quake hitting the northeastern coast of Japan in my laptop was unbelievable. It was full of shock and horror. Words failed me that I could not explain my mixed emotions that’s stirring my both parts of the brain. As a usual ritual, I checked the world news after I said goodbye to online friends on Facebook. All the new sites were full of devastating earthquake and tsunami coverage. First thought that stroke my mind was about my friend T. Matsumoto who is from Japan. The hindbrain started sorting out his address and retaining information about his hometown. My flashbulb memory was telling me accurately that he is from Hokkaido, the north end of Japan, close to Russia. So, I felt some relief that Hokkaido is not hit; however, none of us had heard from him till this morning. Another concern was of thousands of Nepalese living in Tokay and some other parts of Japan.

This morning, his Facebook status assured us of his safety along with his family and close friends. Nepalese hosted blog sites also started reporting about Nepalese over there being safe. But the damage thus far seen in footage and pictures are beyond calculable. The exact number of lives claimed by this disaster have not been confirmed, as the search and rescue operation is ongoing. He has asked prayer support in the time of agony, great loss of lives, pain and suffering .

To view the HQ pictures of the disaster, click here.

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