Joy Enhanced!

I think it’s still not too late to inform some of you about our new baby who has been a huge blessing for us from the Almighty God. This is our second child. He… yes, he was born on  May 1st, 2011. Prior to his first fresh breath intaking outside the womb of his mom, we did not know if it was a he or a she. We were adamant to not find out the gender. When we first saw him, we were reminded of our first son Pratya, as the second one also resembled to the first one.

Medication eased the process of delivery. So, the natural toll of contractions did not happen to squeeze the fluid out of our baby’s lungs as told by Saral’s pediatrician. The first one was relatively harder one for my wife. As soon as baby came out, he was cleaned and suctioned. Amid laughter and joy, the doctor asked, “Dad, are you ready to cut the (umbilical) cord?” My part was to just say, “Yes” and carefully cut the cord. The nurse grabbed my camera that was laying on the window pane and was ready to snap up the moment in the camera that I missed in our firstborn son’s time. This is whole another story. When my first son was born, my wife was in labor for 16+ hours. So, when he was delivered, he was covered with his feces and stool. Doctor and nurses were too quick and busy to clean him that I never got a call or chance to experience the cutting of my own first child’s umbilical cord.

Saral PS Maharjan

Anyway, we have named our younger son, Saral. In Nepali Saral means easy or simple. My wife and I immediately thought of this name because of the nature of his birth- much simpler and easier in comparison to the first one. Now, we are busy parents, as these two kids keep us busy. It’s a new change in our life especially for our first son. Time to give some more attention to him.

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