Groaning and Growing Together

I know, I know! It’s been a while that I’ve not posted anything here. I have been very busy, since we had our second son. My proposal for intern pastoral staff position was approved by the elders’ committee. Now, I’m in the pastoral staff in our church for a year. By the end of my term, I’ll have gone for seminary. However, my ministry among Nepalese people in Grand Rapids will still continue as long as we’re here.

Nothing special happening but ministry is becoming more challenging as the days passed by. Sometimes, I feel like I should have never got involved in the ministry as trials knock my door with full force to blow me away or something like swallow me in the cosmic vacuum. It feels like life is full of tribulations. But the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord in Christ Jesus gives me that strength to regain the foothold. For past couple of months, life seemed so unfair, but trials are also necessary for our spiritual growth and maturation.

Despite the fact that those months have been more like a roughing out season for me, they proved to be good for me and my family to learn lesson, grow and mature in all aspects.

And it’s always good to know that godly people are out there to pray for you. You feel very encouraged and cared for when they come and say that they are praying or we are in their prayers. This is what makes you to stick to the ministry even though it doesn’t make any sense to carry the same burden again! I want to leave this post with a wise note from my dear spiritual mentor, father, friend, and counselor,Remember though that being a popular pastor does not make one a good pastor.” 

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