Flashback 2011

This is still the season of holidays. Christmas is just over and New Year is almost here. I feel it’s getting harder to keep up with new challenges that I took for this year. I’m slowing down so much since we had a new baby. He has become our first priority. Of course, I’ve hardly finished reading five books in the last 6 months. Several books are still untouched in the shelf of Nook, Kindle, and Aldiko apps. Blog updates have been intermittent.

As I look back the year 2011, I’m very grateful to God. We went through many hardship in our ministry. But God is faithful and He carried us through them. I had never experienced such a dry and hard time in my 8 years of ministry like this time. There was a time I felt I should have not been into ministry. I thought of stepping down from my pastoral/teaching position and pursue other career, such as computer (software) engineering or going to law school or enrolling for education major in graduate school. Other times, I thought why not taking medical transcribing job that I’m familiar with. As I sat down and thought about it, I had no other way too, as I’m convinced of my calling to minister people. Running away from trouble is not the ultimate solution as well. Facing the giant is the only approaching solution which is better than any others.


I’m looking forward to the New Year 2012 and the challenges that come along with. This new year will be full of joy, excitement, and not least of testing in the ministry, as I’m partnering with some of my very faithful friends and brothers in Christ for a new church planting and apologetics ministry in Nepal. With seminary studies and coordinating ministry from here to Nepal will be not less than another excitement. Thinking about all the responsibilities that come with also gives me goosebumps 😉 Fundraising events will be a new experience for me. These days people are more open to charities than church planting ministry. In my case, I just hope that it will be the other way. I need a lot of prayer support in order to take this burden. Please remember me in your prayer.

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