Home… Sweet HOME!

House hunt is always awry and tiresome. Sometime you find a house that looks inch perfect from the outer shell but once you get in, you feel uh…huh… grrrr… Another time, you don’t like the outer look of the house, although you like every detail inside. Basically, there is not such a house as a perfect one. After three months long of house-hunting, we found a place to live in, a place my kids can call their house. Yes, our house. My wife liked this house so much that she was actively working on deals. Once I terminated the initial offering to seller, I saw how disappointed she was. I nodded my head in approval for counter offering at the end. There is nothing much better than seeing your wife happier!
The story behind owning a house is also very interesting. Once our agreement with the previous apartment company was about to expire, we looked for a new apartment that is close to our Bhutanese-Nepalese community in Grand Rapids. In our noble quest, we found monthly rent for three-bedroom meticulously unreasonable price in compare to owning a same three-bedroom house. Thus we came to the conclusion to buy a house that we can call it our HOUSE.
Some of our friends might be wondering now why we bought a house if we are committed to go back to Nepal and serve the Lord there. It is understandable since we have not got chance to sit and talk with each one after we decided to own a house. Buying a house does not cost a lot these days. Global recession has an immense effect in the housing market in the US. When we invest in a house, you can sell it later and pocket some money from it, if the market value goes up. Other case, you will not be losing a whole lot, if the market value of your house goes down in some years.  Had I rented an apartment, I will be paying for it every month. In return, I will get nothing at the end of my years in the States. 
But owning a house has many benefits. Your down payment is minimal and you will be paying the same or little lesser amount than renting an apartment. Next, you can enjoy the luxury of your house. Finally, we can sell it just before we leave for Nepal. If we decided to sell it later, we can have our investment back plus some profit in our pocket. If not, there is nothing much we lose. We lose only our down payment. And the monthly mortgage can be counted as our monthly rent and convince our little heart to take delight on having our own house for few years!

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