An Uninvited Guest in the Garden!

I’ve not updated my blog since I posted about owning our house. It’s a shame that I kept finding new excuses everyday for not updating the blog. Have I mentioned in the last post that we have a big backyard for my kids to play. Apart from separating enough space as a playground, we have two plots separated for vegetable garden. Last Friday, we had our Bible study group over at our place. We had fresh organic mustard green as a side dish for dinner. We enjoyed our harvest and the great taste just like back home. It was a great night!

However, we now face a new challenge. A groundhog has discovered our garden to be its host.So this uninvited guest shows up quite often in the planting bed and the fresh garden to feast on our harvest. He showed up again the other day while I was watching kids. First, I thought a bunny was hopping around. A close look at it through my camera’s zoom lens confirmed that it was indeed a woodchuck. It has been eating radish, onion, mustard green, and, most importantly, stealing garlic from the planting bed.

This afternoon, I went to water the bed and noticed that it has been eating even more. I need to find a way to keep it away from the harvest now by any means.

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