UPDATES: Jhalak Remains Under Water for 26 Hours

By Prasha Maharjan

Thank you so much for kind thoughts and concern to all of you who have been praying for the family. We found out about the incident about 3:30 pm on Saturday when we were out and about. Satya and Ps. Rob immediately left for the site. Satya has been staying close with the family since then. I was able to visit for a few hours yesterday. Many members of the victim’s family witnessed him drown right before their eyes. Needless to say they are in a lot of pain and trauma. 

We got the news that the body was found after 26 hours of search under 45 feet deep water around 5pm yesterday. Other family members have been driving in from other states and will come to a conclusion as far as what they want to do with Jhalak’s body and funeral. The father, mother, and uncle who are closest to the victim want to bury and have a Christian memorial service for Jhalak. But the grandfather who will have the final word in the decision making want to perform Hindu rituals. Pray for all of them to come to a unifying decision. The family was involved in TECC. Jhalak’s mother and sister were close to being believers of Christ.
Prayers have been showering from everywhere. Friends, acquaintances, and social workers from Bethany have dropped in to offer their sympathy and prayer. The family has felt a great deal of support from the community and has expressed much gratitude. TECC family will help the family in anyway we can and has already been doing so as the family will need to navigate through the American system of handling the corpse.
As for me, I keep thinking about Jhalak. I remember the first time I met him and how he struck to me as a fine young man. I remember enrolling him East Kentwood High, picking him up from school for doctor appointments, and encouraging him to study hard and finding him a tutor through Bethany.  He was such a young and energetic boy that had lot going for him. He was getting very good at soccer, volleyball and was also learning to swim. Although he dreaded water, it was water that he finally succumbed to. 

The body will be available for viewing Tuesday morning. We are eager to help with however the family decides to perform the service for Jhalak. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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