Actress Jyoti Khadka’s Life Cut Short

Jyoti Khadka aka Jesika Khadka found dead in her apartment in New Road on Tuesday morning. She was found hanging on ceiling with her shawl. Of late, she finished her new movie “Gahirai” and her new movie “Jungle Queen 2” which is a sequel of the same name is on the row to be released on 22nd June. It is reported that recently she had been feeling very low as life for her was not going through her way but other way around.

Police recovered her body from the room in the presence of one of her movie directors, as she was living with none but her underage brother. The police had taken the body for autopsy in the Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj. Her father had also been informed about the incident and now on his way to Kathmandu for her last rite. The authority is looking for any homicidal hints on this incident and has summoned a production manager who had last conversation with Jyoti the previous night for inquiry.

In the past, she had been in a limelight noticeably for a wrong reason when her sex video with singer Prakash Ojha was leaked and went viral on internet.

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