Hari Bansha Acharya Ties Knot with Ramila Pathak

For past couple of days, Facebook walls and Nepalese blogs are burning with a post about Nepal’s most liked actor, singer, and TV-serial director Hari Bansha Acharya tying knot with Ramila Pathak. Mr. Acharya was widowed one and half year ago when his late wife Mira Acharya had stroke and later died in the hospital. Since then he was living with his youngest son, Mohit Acharya who is also in Nepali film industry.

As it is reported that Mr. Acharya’s both sons were very supportive of this wedding. They including friends and relatives encouraged him to get married second time after seeing him badly hurt and broken after his late wife’s untimely death. Few close relatives and friends witnessed the wedding. Madan Krishna Shrestha who is a close aide of Mr. Archaya could not make it to the wedding ceremony, since he is in Bankok, Thailand for his wife’s surgery.

Mrs. Ramila was also widowed a decade ago and were living as a single mom. Her family members were also in favor of this newly tied knot. This newly wed couple sent out a positive message to people who are widowed.

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