MRI and Its Horrendous White Noise!

It’s 1:50 am and I’m still wide awake. I try not to think and worry about what has been happening to me, but I could not help. Instead of letting the world know that we had very fantastic mini-vacation in Mackinaw City/Island and Traverse City recently, I’m just wondering what has gone wrong with me – my health of late. It’s not something alarming, I guess, but all the health issues that I had from past couple of years are mostly related to aging. I still feel that it’s been just a week ago that I was fighting against diverticulitis, abscess in my nose, severe migraine every week or other week. And now I had severe back pain last month that put me into pretty much limit to daily activities for a week.

Last week, I had MRI for my back pain. I had never been to or seen the MRI up until I had to go through the test. I thought that the MRI would be swift and warming like CAT scan. On contrary, MRI was loud and making horrendous white noise. Often times, it sounded like pebbles crushing in the industrial area. Spending almost 30 minutes inside that noise-making drum was awful!

I received my MRI report other day. It showed that I have disk degenerating disease. The term sounds even more scary than what has really happened me. I have an appointment with my doctor/nurse next week to discuss about the extent of the damage in the lumber spinal disk and the process of ailment. Please uphold my family and me in your prayer.

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