Penetrating the Dark



I still do not have ceiling light in my apartment bedroom in Chicago. When I moved in in the apartment, it was already late night. Students had already gone to bed in order to begin a new school year with orientation and campus visit. Unfortunately, I could not find my apartment, since housing people sent me wrong apartment number that never existed in that street. I was pulling my luggage bag up and down on the side walk at the middle of night. My phone calls were not answered and I knew that my roommates were also in bed. Later, one of my roommates answered my call and he let me in. He showed me my room and turned the light on, but there was no light. However, he was able to find a CFL bulb for the light stand that was laying at the corner of my room. I was very exhausted and wanted to sleep like a dead log. While getting ready to go to bed, I noticed this near perfect light and shade composure in the little dark room. So, I wanted to play little bit with my camera before I threw myself to bed without making bed properly. And this is the end result!




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