Too Ignorant to Replace Light Bulb in the Room

The very first thing I immediately noticed in my apartment in Chicago is dead light bulb in the room. I have been living in this apartment room for almost but have not got changed the light bulb. Often time, I think of buying one for the ceiling; however, I keep forgetting once I get in there. Again, I settle with a glowing CFL that is standing on my study desk. With a big sigh, I thought about my own cozy, nice house in Grand Rapids where I have stored plenty of extra light bulbs in my utility room in case of urgent need.

Now, I realize it is really hard to live in the apartment by yourselves. Commuting every weekend is also taking toll on me, I guess. Last night, I had a good sleep yet I was sleep on the bus to Chicago. I felt lethargic and no so much motivated for study. It could be due to leaving my lovely family in Grand Rapids. Or, it could be a dad’s willingness to spend more time jamming with two beautiful boys in the basement. Here I leave a short video for you all!

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