Seminarian’s Dinner

I am thankful for what I have in my disposal to cook when I am away from family, from home. My last night’s dinner was very simple and easy to cook too. For last two weeks, I had been having either pasta or some sort of spicy Asian noodles for my lunch and dinner. When you are on your own, you don’t feel like cooking either. This has both positive and negative aspects.

My not cooking has nothing to do with laziness. I feel it is just not fun to cook and eat alone after you have been eating with family for so many years. Am I still too Asian? Maybe. Next, eating precooked food saves your time. No need to do dishes and sort them out. From my point of view through cooking experience, it does not matter whether you cook for one person or ten, in fact, it is same with time consumption. The number of person will not be a huge time saving factor while cooking Nepali dishes. If eating is just for sake of eating, you can mix everything in a pot and mix it as if you were cooking ratatouille, or some sort of fatty-oily fried rice or more or less “khichadi.”

However, I started liking pasta for two or three reasons. I feel so productive when my tummy is not full with spicy food. My tummy does not hurt as well. I keep telling my story how I was raised as a stereotypical person. People from Newah ethnic background savor a lot of spicy hot food [Click this link to know about Newari cuisine]. For some reasons, my parents never allowed me to eat spicy hot food. Whenever those dishes were prepared, they kept the spicy level to mild. I had real spicy hot food in a regular basis only after I got married with my wife. So, living in an apartment and staying away with spicy food has been a good treat for my heart and tummy, and obviously for my butt too;)

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