Where the Heck are the Maharjans? So It Unfolds…

This is a monthly newsletter from Maharjans. Some of our friends, prayer partners, and well-wisher showed enough concern that we are not updating enough. So, we decided to send newsletter to them onwards. If you want to receive our newsletter, you may write to us or just visit our site. 

Dear friends and family,

Satya and I have decided to start this newsletter after having conversations with several friends who have been curious about our whereabouts and our ministry. We hope this letter will update many of our dear and caring friends about where we have been; where we are; and where we are heading.

As most of you know, we are in Grand Rapids, Michigan finishing our education, doing ministry among Nepali speakers, raising kids and shaping our ministry for Nepal. We are thankful to God for keeping our calling to serve in Nepal everstrong even after being in the States for ten years now for me and five years for Satya. Our ministry in Nepal has already begun and you may wonder how so. We hope that this letter guides these wonderings.

As you all know, my husband followed me to Grand Rapids, MI where both of us graduated with degrees in Biblical Studies/Theology. It was in 2008 when Satya was  still pursuing his theological studies in Kuyper that we became aware of Nepali speaking Bhutanese refugees moving to Grand Rapids through the Third Country Resettlement Program. For a year or so since we both moved to Grand Rapids, we had been church hopping and looking for a ministry to serve and partner. Thus, the incoming of refugees brought a breath of fresh air and was an answer to our prayers. Immediately, in conjunction with some church volunteers of Thornapple Covenant Church, we began a weekly Nepali fellowship at an inner city church. Volunteers drove the refugees to this church where they had an opportunity to meet with other refugees spread out in Grand Rapids and also hear the gospel. What followed after this first venture of ministry has brought my husband and I lot of tears and joy. We were invited to join Thornapple Covenant Church’s Bhutanese Refugee Ministry through which my husband taught a Bible class every Sunday in Nepali. We started at Thornapple in 2009 and witnessed many new believers get baptized.

In 2012, Satya decided to leave teaching to pursue his Seminary Studies in Chicago. This was a very difficult decision. North Park Seminary in Chicago offered a very good scholarship but I would need to let go of my job, change my visa status, and move to Chicago where finances would be a big issue. After much contemplation, we decided that Satya would rent an apartment there and come back whenever he can so I could keep my job to support the family. We did this for a semester and realized this was not the best for our family. Satya is now in the process of transferring to a local seminary in Grand Rapids.

He has again accepted to teach twice a month at Thornapple Covenant and interprets on Communion Sundays. He has also partnered with two other Nepali seminarians who wanted to minister amongst the growing number of Nepali speaking people in the Greater Grand Rapids area. After much prayer, they decided to start a Saturday evening fellowship. This way, people had the freedom to continue to go to their respective American Churches on Sunday mornings and come for an original Nepali Worship Service on Saturday evenings. It has been two months now, this fellowship is growing and proving to be a blessing for many.

Moreover, we are excited about the prospects for our ministry in Nepal. Satya and I have been sponsoring a Nepali couple to attend a local Bible college in Kathmandu, Nepal. The young man, Rajendra, came to faith through a spiritual conversation he had with Satya. Rajendra was found to be sobbing after Satya shared the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ right at that moment. Rajendra looks up to Satya for his strong faith and biblical knowledge. When Satya was in Nepal, he mentored him. And now he leads the fellowships that Satya used to lead. Rajendra’s wife also has accepted her calling to serve alongside her husband. She is now attending a Bible College. We hope to join hands with them when we return to Nepal full time.

Satya keeps a blog where he podcasts short thematic Nepali messages. This site is also geared toward curious new believers and non-Christians seeking deep answers. We did not realize the usefulness of this site until recently when an anonymous foreign missionary in Nepal used the feedback section on the site to ask if Satya would translate Willian Lane Craig’s book, Defenders, in Nepali and that he has referred his Nepali friends to this blog. Praise the Lord!

Just on a side note, we are not much of pop-drinkers ourselves, but we collect pop cans from people who are willing to sacrifice their bottle-refunds and give to the cause of supporting Nepali missionaries. It is amazing how just as little as $10 makes a difference in the mission fields of Nepal.

We hope that this letter has served its purpose of updating you all about our current happenings. Hope you had a marvelous Christmas Celebration and that your New Year 2013 is off to a great start….. Love to all.
Satya, Prasha, Pratya and Saral Maharjan.

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