Busy Summer on the Horizon

I have not been able to keep up with this personal blog. I just want to let y’all know that I also have been posting for different blogs (cafn, cafnepal, cafntube, ambassadorial, apost360) while also going to school as a full-time student. Producing a podcast or sermon every week is also consuming a chunk of time. Sometimes, I also do not know how to manage time for all these extra activities apart from family and ministry. Thank goodness to my wife that she has  now been helping me with updating our ministry Facebook page (Nepali-Speaking Community Church).

This summer, I have planned to keep myself little bit busy working with youth in our newly formed church. We never intended to start a Nepali church in the first place but form a group of Himalayan people to start a Nepali-Speaking fellowship as a support system for those who go to American churches despite their limited language. To make the story short, God’s way of thinking and working does not match with ours most of the time. He has something different plan for us. Thus he pushed and shoved us, despite our unwillingness, to start a new Nepali-Speaking church for the Himalayan people in America. It seemed He wanted us to worship Him and learn and teach the Scripture to his people in their own heart language. So, we have now a vision to train and raise young leaderships for the advancement of God’s kingdom in Grand Rapids and beyond.

For this common good and goal, we will be conducting Study Seminar in July. The seminar will be divided into 3 different topics: one in the Old Testament and two on the New Testament. The leadership team has not finalized the details of the seminar but most likely, I’ll be teaching on the “Breadth and Narrowness of the Ten Commandments” in the Old Testament. I will write on the topics once we finalize the details and the date. I covet your prayer for the seminar, participants, volunteers, leadership, and myself.

For more information: visit http://nscfellowship.wordpress.com

I had the privilege to preach to our congregation last week. There was an audio recording of my sermon but embedding an audio file does not come without any pain in blogger unlike WordPress. So, I recorded my sermon in my laptop after I got home. I hope you will watch and leave constructive comments for further improvement and encouragement.

Note: The video sermon is in Nepali language.

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