Woodchuck and the Sermon Illustration

Ever since we moved into our new house, I have noticed particularly one woodchuck searching its food in the morning and occasionally in the afternoons. Last year, I had a great vegetable garden from which I harvested more than enough vegetables, especially pumpkin shoots for not only one family of four but also had the opportunity to share with other three families. Shoots was one of the special dishes every time we invited guests in our house for dinner. Okra (Brit. lady’s finger), squash, radish, super hot chili peppers, thyme, parsley, and basil were also major crops in our backyard garden.

All these greenish and splendid leaves did not go unnoticed to the woodchuck. It started nibbing them when it could have eaten lavished green grasses nearby fences. Now again, this same uninvited guest started visiting the backyard garden and looks like has already become muscular. It looks like an obese guy who eats double cheese burger every day. It enrages me, and my outrageous and ferocious ill-will will be to keep it away, if not kill it in the first place. But the problem is that it keeps breaching every hurdle that I put to keep it away. My next door neighbor was also trying to capture it in the net since last year without any avail. Other day, he was telling me that he might lure it to the cage and kill it later.

Why all this fuss today? Aha… I think this scenario can be a sermon illustration for my preaching someday on.

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