I will not but His Song will Live Forever

Last week Saturday, I had what I would like to call it a life time experience with my youth group in the newly formed Nepali-Speaking Community Church. It should not be a big deal for many people who have been a part of choir, or singing on the stage. For me, that was my first time ever on the stage singing any song. Singing is not my thing; however, I gave it a try. Audience were my own people, so that took away some pressure off of me. Besides, I was able to maintain a good composure and keep my fear of running off beat away at the same time. That was an awesome evening!

The worship team was very supportive and encouraging me all week to sing this song. They were quick to respond once I showed little interest to sing with them during the offering time. Without their support, I would much ado to keep up with the timing and beat. I really want to mention Subash (guitar), Taken, Deepak, Markus, (back vocal), Phil (keyboard), Bharat (guitar), Rodha and Sodha for their supporting role. Thank you guys! God bless you y’all.

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