"But Blessed is the One Who Trusts in the LORD"

In my previous post, I already wrote that I am not a singing material. Throughout my short and long-term missions, I acted like singing when the team had to. Nevertheless, I always fully enjoyed when my teammates would sing Gospel songs whenever and wherever we found people during trips. Those days are quite hard to forget, thus I have a hard time overcoming this nostalgia for my days with peers in the mission outreaches.

Once again, I present you another song by our worship band in the church. Many thought that it was my compose, but I wish I could. The words are borrowed from Jeremiah 17:7-8. The simplicity and profundity of the words really touched my heart when I first heard this song sung by a couple that attends Nepali church in Delhi, India. I thought to sing it right away once I got the words and its melody. I decided to involve my youth once more and I am quite satisfied how they did it. The song is in Nepali though and I hope those of you who understand Nepali will enjoy and be blessed after hearing the song.

Oops! I forgot to mention and credit my fantabulous youth worship band who joined me to singing. Phil (Guitar), Bharat (Jimbe), Taken (Back vocal), Rodha, Sodha, Silvia, and Sayak (vocal) and myself (lead vocal). My wife also deserves my sincere gratitude even more so for encouraging me to sing.

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