Follow Your Passions

I am a little disappointed when people respond surprisingly to my athletic inclinations in the past. And my friends and family who have known me since a long time are surprised that I am a very contented mother now, something they probably never imagined I would be, at least not yet. I am a mother of two cutest boys ever; and I have not been disciplined enough to trace back to my athletic footprints. It is true though.

Very early on I remember picking up my dad’s squash rackets and hitting the ball against the wall in our back yard. It was not until after high school that I became serious about it and played competitively in the years 2001-2002. I was the 2nd and 3rd seed then. I took swim lessons since a Kindergartner and trained myself to be a better swimmer borrowing Ian Thorpe’s tips online. I was so crazy. I used to bike to the pool by 6:30 am and do my religious 25 laps and increase it by five every day and went on to doing a 100 laps at one go. I did this only for myself, but later used my swimming skills to raise funds for malaria victims in Africa.

I have been a runner too and crazy enough have also been rewarded “the Best Basketball player” in 7th grade. Ok seriously, I have done many sports- soccer, gymnastics, volleyball…..areas I could have excelled if I had the time and someone who took me seriously.

Same with my husband. He was part of a local soccer team in his birthplace. So, we both have resolved to ourselves that we are going to give every avenue possible to our kids so that they can explore their potentials to the full extent. Just because we did not have someone in our lives to encourage us to follow our passions does not mean our kids will not have that.

By nature, I am very competitive and can get aggressive. In 6th grade we had a debate competition. I was clueless what a debate was and failed devastatingly. That night I could not go to sleep. I did not want to fail again like that and promised to myself that I am not going to fail again. I always landed in the 1st place in the following years. I also remember one year our school was going to particiate in the capital-wide spelling bee context. I was not in the list of the possible candidates the school was going to send. I was deeply hurt. You can imagine I have a big ego. I hated being looked down upon or being viewed as not good enough. I went up to my class teacher and said I wanted to give it a try. He was gracious to let me. I almost studied the entire Oxford Dictionary that year. At least it seemed like it. We were given about 5000 words that we needed to know the spellings and the meanings of. Our team worked very hard and made it to the semi-finals.

Well, we will see where life will take me from here. I still want to revive and keep on with my athleticism.

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