Mountains’ Veil

Sunset View from Terrace

I like to claim that this is my picture but in reality, it’s not mine. I received this picture from my nephew, Reason, who took this shot from the terrace of his house in Nepal. I always liked to watch the sun slowing hiding itself behind those big mountains while sitting at the riverside back then. If you climbed the top of the mountain on the right, you would see even more higher mountains and just wonder how on earth people are living around and beneath those mountains!


Ops! I forgot to mention that the mountain top on the right is called Champa Danda. It is not anything like a peak although it seems to be in the picture. Once you reach up there, if you are an adventurous creature, you are going to find a little plain area from where people in the past flew lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched paragliding. Besides, there is a little temple that house the goddess named Champa Devi. There is a greater scope for tourism had Nepal Government built motor road and infrastructures that are the basics of tourism.

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