Story of “Across Seven Seas”

I know for sure that the idiomatic title of the blog “Across seven seas” has something to do with seas when traveling abroad. I am not so sure how many seas I flew over when I left Nepal for the US though. The idiom in Nepali metaphorically depicts the idea of distance between two geographical parts of the globe.
Today, I am living across many more seas and the Pacific Ocean an the Atlantic Ocean in the “land of fairy tales”. I did not coin this phrase but heard a social scientist who happened to be my wife’s first cousin from the Hiroshima University used it to refer to America.

More or so, this land is like a fairy tale land where everyone seems happy and things go their way. For some, it can be the case for sometime until their demons inside forget to convert the exchange rate of dollar into Nepalese currency. Once the acculturation and assimilation spell that demons out of them, then the reality hits the ground that life in America is very different than in the fairy tales that they heard or read prior to coming here. Every story does not end in happily ever after. 
I am grateful to God and tell the world that I am one of those blessed and “fortunate” persons to enjoy my life with family in the meaningful way living across the seven seas. I had my degree with full scholarship. I never made a cent illegally which is not the case with most international students from the third world country like Nepal. I have a wife who is very supportive in all means she could. I have my commitment with my Lord that I would rather go back to Nepal than destroy my Christian testimony by concealing my visa status and working in a workplace that offers job for aliens with very low wages which is lower than the expected minimum wages. It is not worth destroying my commitment with God and taint my testimony. 
Everyone’s story can be different than mine. Few months ago, I met a man who came here couple years ago. Listening to his story terrified me. He barely made it to stay alive while being trafficked to cross the border and enter the “fairy tale land”. He lived in the confinement for years up until recently he moved to Michigan. He lived, as he described, in a solitary place that was untouched from the outer world. He had no contact with others than those whose stories were also similar to his own. His companions were Hispanics and Latinos. As a result, he had very little or no English at all to communicate with the outside world. It was a life in a dungeon that was so secret yet so vulnerable. He is only the representative of those lives that were drawn to this land with a hope to end their story like in the fairy tale. 
Friends, life is not a fairy tale. Before you cross seven seas, shake yourself up from your dream. This land is not different than any other lands. Only if we are realistic about our expectation and dream, this fairy tale land can offer you as you look for in expenses of living away from family, loved ones and friends. 

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