1st Generation American Problems

Just before going to bed, I had a pep talk with my oldest son about trying a new church. His little brother was sitting with me on my left in the recliner while he was on the right side. Often it’s hard to get a time to talk with him due to the nature of his brother, a hot headed and energetic guys who is always into some sort of adventure with his big brother. Today, he was quite tired thus merely listening to our conversation while trying to doze off.

Since I joined the leadership team in Nepali speaking church, I’m having hard time to convince my son to go to young kids class while church service. He has no problem going to church but he always refuses to join other kids in the classroom. Of late, my wife made an analogy of a coconut that describes best of who and what he thinks of himself. The outer shell of a coconut is brown and even dark brown when dried but the inside is as white.

My son, being born here in America and also going to daycare with all white kids for 2 and half years, thinks that he is more of an American. On top of this, we lived at the other side of the town where we had only occasional connections with other Nepalese families for 4 years. He would get to see brown skin people only once a week in the church that I was working back then. This also limited and narrowed down his exposure to other Nepalese people.

This got me into the conversation with him about visiting some English church services. His first reaction was that he definitely wouldn’t want to go back to the church that he once attended. His reason for not liking is simply because they made him do so many things in the classroom. However, he was quite intrigued by the idea that we would visit other different churches and we would go to that church only if he liked it! Need prayer and suggestions!

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