This is the Best Thing Happened to Me in 2013

Few days ago, I posted a picture of me cuddling a little baby on Facebook with the same status as of the title of this blog post. Thereafter Facebook notifications popped up every time I logged onto my account. Friends “Liked” it. None of them might have known that I meant it when I wrote that.

We just welcomed a new year and the year we left behind was bittersweet one other than welcoming a baby girl in the family. I always wanted a baby girl even before I met my wife. God blessed us with a daughter this time. With her arrival also brought ailment for my hurtful broken heart.

The same year, I left the ministry that I was passionately involved with. I would have liked to leave it on good terms but turned out ugly that I don’t give myself liberty to spill them here. Relationships were broken and I had to start over all again with new ministry with other partners. In this sense, last year brought a lot of heartbreak, pain, sense of failure, rejection, humiliation, and broken relationships. Nonetheless, the joy of receiving Sasha Grace as the gift of God is the best thing that happened to me in the whole year. This year, I look forward to more positives for life. And wish you belated blessed Christmas and joyful New Year 2014.


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