One Last-Ditch Effort to Get on the Road

This is the first time ever that the car I was riding in slid like this. Our car uncontrollably danced on the freeway before it went to the ditch in just a blink of our eyes. Picture below, we can see how much we skidded from the road. Fortunately, there was no vehicle coming behind while few other vehicles were at the safe distance. Maybe 200 meters ahead, there was another driver who saw the same fate as ours. However, the good part of this story is that there was a highway patrol car trying to help the commuters on the bad snowy day. A policer officer was too busy to help those drivers stuck at the roadsides.

Instead of waiting for help from her, we got out of the car in that below 23C degree. We mustered all our energy to push the car from front while our knees were sunken to the pile of snow. In our second attempt, wheels started throwing muddy snow toward us. So, we stopped pushing in a hope that the officer would come help us. Up until we did not make any emergency calls but waited for her to come, as we were certain that she had noticed us struggling to get out of the ditch. But she left after the car ahead of us was pulled on to the road. However, she came no sooner we called a tow company with a tow truck trailing behind her cruiser. It took just a minute or two to hook the tow key in our car to pull on the road. During this short-lived ordeal, we saw another van making shift move from the freeway and eventually ended up into the ditch on other side of the road. The good news is that none of us got hurt in the accident.

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