Change of Season of Life

Winter season is saying Good Bye after leaving record high snowfall this year, Spring is thawing the little snow hills and ice patches from the driveways. Sun is unveiling itself as a reserved bride. The change of this new season cannot be not talked about the changes it has brought in our lives too. This season of life is more like riding a roller-coaster.
From the very beginning of the new year, a lot of things have been happening personally. Yet I feel like there are nothing interesting happening in my life to post in this blog. A lot of water has run down under the bridge. One of the major changes that has happened was my change of status from F-1 Student to dependent. I took a semester off just to stay home and take care of my newly born daughter. The new semester has begun; however, I am still home babysitting my two younger kids.

Joy and frustration both come as a package in a babysitting job. I have not talked to any dads who are also into my situation. So, I cannot speak for them. Most often, I have found joy in being close to my kids. It is so mesmerizing to watch how they learn and do things and say random things. In the past I used to think I was there to watch, take care of  them and teach them. With my age and experience, I have come to realize that it is not I teaching them. Instead, they have been teaching me so much more about life: love, grace, forgiveness, desire to be wanting, and be content. Only one virtue they have not taught me so far is to be patient. Generally, this cannot be said about kids or toddlers. They tend to have a short attentive span.

I am relishing every moment with my kids at present. Our return to Nepal and my involvement in full-time ministry would not have allowed me this experience. My time with kids in home have changed the pace of my life as well. Once I thought I was an workaholic when I used to come home at midnight after leaving home at 8 am. This was back then before I got married. I was so much immersed into church ministry that my entire time would be spending time with people. Now every thing has changed ever since we had kids. They have taught me to enjoy life in our own pace; no matter what the pace of the world would be. One thing I cannot help but tell people that they have taught me more about persistence than anyone. They have taught me to pick myself up and move on every time I fall down. They changed my perception toward babysitting; they also taught me to grow together with them.


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