The Aftereffects of Fender Bender and Gratitude to My Maker

I am suffering from the aftereffects of a fender bender. That was the first time ever that I was liable for the accidents. Instead, I was in the receiving end. I am very grateful to my God that my son and I drove home unharmed that night. My SUV was also not damaged than expected. My son did not even know what happened that night. He heard an unusual noise “bang” after collision. Immediately, he raised his bossy voice and said, “Dad, don’t make a lot of noise. Okay dad? Ok?”

I got my SUV back fixed and polished other day. But I do not get the same feeling of driving that van as I used to have. It constantly reminds me of the night that I slipped on the slippery snowed road and was ploughing at other van. Some sort of fear creeps in when I think about driving it again. I have heard from other people that they also had same experience but over times that kind of feeling will go away. So I have not driven it again. I have been driving my old Toyota Avalon ever since that incident. I feel it is somehow more reliable. 🙂

It was not like I was driving in speed nor was I ignorant of the weather. The tires of my van were just bad as the road. I could have moved to the right lane not thinking about hitting the snow hills and banks to avoid all this incident. Had I decided to do that I could have ended up in somersaulting the van or the car and a bus behind me could have hit me anyway.

There was not much options left for me to maneuver my van either at right or left since left side is a lane divider island. In a moment of quick decision, I chose not to hit the back of the van in front of me. I had a gut feeling that there could be passengers in the backseat and possibly might get hurt by the impact. Instead, I chose to squeeze between two vans thinking that if one of them saw me coming between two in their rear view mirror or side looking glass, one would drive fast and give me space. Unfortunately, they were not looking at their rear view mirror. Once I hit the tail light of a van, then the driver realized that someone is dozing at him and made him move aside. Indeed, that minimized the extent of damage in the collision.

I am really thankful to God and all honor and glory that is due to Him for protection of the sacred lives that were spared in the accident. Through this accident, I learned a lesson that our security is guaranteed only in God through Christ. By no means, we can depend on anything for our safety. I thought my 4 wheeler would be a smart thing in the winter and that keep me away from troubles. In reality, it does not. I can trust only my Maker for my safety in all seasons of life.

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