Martha: “I Do Not Understand Your Timing”

I kept lagging behind in posting particularly this one post. Few weeks ago, some youth from my church came to me and asked if I would preach on the death of Lazarus (John 11:1-44). They had composed a song and showed me the lyrics to play as a response song to the sermon. They even asked me to join them in the band. I had no reason to say “no” to their humble invitation to play my harmonica with them after listening to them singing. That was my first attempt to play any music instrument before the congregation.

The song was based on the biblical narrative as well. So, I did not think twice but joined them in four hours practice before playing in front of the congregation right after my sermon. The song is written from the perspective of Martha, a sister of Lazarus, and her agonizing waiting for timely arrival of Jesus to heal his best friend who was in the deathbed when message was sent to Jesus. The video/song is in Nepali, so I leave the translation of the lyrics here for those who do not understand Nepali but want to watch and listen to music anyway.

Bearing the tears of hope in the eyes, I have been waiting for you

Staring alone at the dusty road, I have been counting time


Upon hearing you were coming on the way, my tears dried (stopped flowing)

When said, “I have not forgotten you.” my soul rejoiced

Weeping and wailing, I asked, “Where had you been?”

I did not understand your timing, I am confused



[He’s] Calling the dead, just have faith [in Him]

[He’ll] Give you a life, just have faith [in Him]

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