Changing Diapers Has Taught Me About This Love

As of today, I have changed thousands of diapers (nappies in Europe). This was unimaginable act for me until I became father for the first time. Changing diaper, especially, has taught me to reflect on how God has loved me thus far. At present, I need to change diapers only on my daughter, since she is just 7 months old. My two boys are well potty trained.

When I feel like my daughter has wet or soiled her diaper, I lift her up and smell her back. This way, I confirm whether she needs changing or not. Those of you who have sniffed like a dog in your infant’s or toddlers back know what I am talking about. You are lucky enough if your baby has not soiled her diaper when you sniff her back; or smeared your hands with her poop when cleaning her with wipes. And you do all this, because you love her.  Now if I needed to do this on other’s kids, I probably would do not feel the same. Honestly, I probably would be a little disgusted.  But when it comes to your child, you do not remember all those feelings but with all your heart, you smell her diaper and clean and change as needed. Simpy because you have loved her from the core of your heart.

In the same manners, God has loved us from day one we are saved in and through Christ. We are no better than anyone else. We struggle everyday with sinful thought. We stink inside, although we look clean outside. In a sense, we are like babies with diapers who need constant check, cleansing and changing. Despite smell and wet, God has continued to love and to grace us. And I am not ashamed to claim this that  I also need constant check, cleansing, and changing of my internal diapers as much as my daughter needs her outer diaper checked, cleansed, and changed.

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