Tree Has Bones?


He turned 3 two weeks ago. He still thinks that trees have bone just as human beings. He takes tree bark for its bone, as it is strong and gives tree support to stay firm. It is just too cute to be ignored. When I asked his brother and him what they think about the weather here in Grand Rapids, they both had the same answer: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Reason? Their answer is obvious because they get to play outside “a lot”.

Another reason my kids like Spring and Summer is because sometimes deer visit our neighborhood to eat tree “bones”.  Bunnies are also regular visitors this year, for we did not plant any vegetables in our backyard. Watching squirrels jumping, chasing each other, climbing up and down the tree, and breaking walnuts is a really good way to begin our day with breakfast. It is so much delightful to my son that he wants to live here forever (much to his innocence that we might have to move someday).

These tree “bones” have become an essential part of my son’s nature discovery adventure of lately. That is where he finds moth and insects hiding. It is the same spot where he finds sticky “eew” glue oozing out. Overall, his understanding of tree “bone” helps him to explore more in nature.


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