Scary Moments Staying Behind the Wheels During Tornado

Watching tornado chasers in television always enthused me. They seemed to be crazily adventurous people who drive after tornado and shot video clips putting their lives in danger. However, they have found joy and their purpose in their lives doing so. For me as a spectator, it never made complete sense of it. It still does not. Last night, we had an EF1 tornado that was reported as the mildest form of tornado. The mildest tornado had 100 miles per hour gusty wind. I cannot even imagine how it would look like when it is not the mildest one!

Last Sunday night, I went to drop off one of our youths after I had a fellowship dinner with other five brothers and sisters. I decided to spend some time with his family. That is when storm hit the area and gradually turned that into tornado. I hit the road no sooner than I finished praying for and with them.

Long story short, my five minutes drive to home from there turned quite dramatic.  A big trunk fell down right in front of my car. Broken branches and twigs hit the hood and the trunk. I saw storm taking down a giant tree in my side view mirror. I made a swift turn to make it to the Kalamazoo Street hoping for the best ride. Unfortunately, things got even worse. Kalamazoo Street was covered with broken trunks and trees. Power lines were dangling.  At one point, I felt that the tornado, which brought down another tree behind me pass by my car. The whole scenario was chaotic as of an action movie set. I was driving making sharp turns and trying to stay away from trees and power lines. Even before I got on to 42nd Street, a tree on Balmer Street knocked down another power line.

Consequently, I had no space to drive on the road.  At this point, I thought of going back and take 28th Street to drive through Eastern Avenue to 44th Street; although my house is less than a mile away from where I was now. That seemed even more risky, since I had no idea what was going on over there. So, I decided to drive through someone’s front yard and sidewalk. Once I did it, I was able to get back to the main road. I felt little relieved. In next two minutes, I got home and found that we still had power on. There was no significant damage in my neighborhood except for a small trunk was down just opposite of my house. That 5 minutes drive was a horrible ordeal I had to go through in my life.

In this video below, the Fox News have covered the damage our neighborhood sustained. Tornado touched down four blocks away from my house and ripped off roof of the Town and Country apartment building and also Poinsettia Avenue that is just a block away from my house. It was amazing that our area was spared! This was my lifetime experience that I wish I never want to have again.

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