End Domestic Violence: Unveil a Coward Hiding Behind a Veil of Machismo

Tanka Maya#YesAllWomen

This is the epitome of how women are abused and violated for no reason. A reason for assaulting Tanka Maya in this case is that she allegedly lost or hid the key of her husband’s motorbike! Even if she had lost the key of the motorbike, it is inhumane to inflict such a pain on her. Beating her is driven by a bastion of male chauvinism and privileges that come with it in the male-dominant Nepali society. This is not something a man with a chest of flesh and head with a reason can do that to his own wife whom he has taken for life with vow to cherish and protect her from all odds of the world. The heinous act of this husband does not prove him a big macho tough guy but an egotistical coward hiding behind a veil of machismo.

Tanka had courage to drag herself to local police station and file a complaint against her assailant. She took several fist blows and kicks all over her body. Meantime, her stepsons appeared to the scene and she hoped for her rescue. Instead, they joined their father’s “wife beating heroism” to teach her a lesson to be submissive to her husband in all circumstances. She was thumped and pounded more for the “crime” she had never committed. They violated her with sheer delight, because she had no relatives to stand for her or had a place to hide. She told the police that her husband found the motorbike’s key in his own pocket after the beating.

People have become so numb that they have lost the capacity to feel and empathize fellow human beings. There are still few who have not lost the touch of humanity. As an online tabloid reported that few women sided with her and demanded that her husband would be punished for his crime. She deserves better than this.

This is not the single incident and will not be the last one. I am a victim of domestic violence, and I know how you feel when your rights are violated or abused. Domestic violence takes place behind the walls and often goes unnoticed. When you do not stand up and hold your ground, this is going to happen time and over. Just as this illiterate woman became the first woman ever in her community to stand for her rights, women from all walk of life have to stand for themselves to end the domestic violence.


source: http://setopati.com/samaj/14076/

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