A Significant Gesture That Swelled Up A Father’s Heart

I woke up this morning with a heavily pounded head. Migraine is crippling me now and then. Standing straight definitely helped but lying down or inclining backwards or forwards did not help at all. Please do not tell me how it is like to have headache if you have not experienced a migraine ever. Only people with migraine can understand what we go through. Consequently, I missed my church youth meeting and family outing in the John Ball Zoo as well.

Something insignificant on any given day can be very meaningful and significant sometimes. As traditional wisdom maintains that a flower on the roadside, which is ignored by people, can be offered to god. My son Pratya did same with a dandelion flower. He was about to hit the road with his mom for zoo, he went to the backyard and found a “beautiful” flower – a blooming dandelion. I pondered for few seconds how on earth he found it, since I mowed the lawn just yesterday!

What he found and where he got it from is not an important thing but what he did was a beautiful thing a 5 year’s old boy could have possibly done. It meant a lot to me. He knows how to lift up his dad’s heart when low and heavy. He somehow knew that he could make my day by giving me a little but meaningful gesture when I was in so much pain. I treasured what he did on my camera, because a dandelion withers quickly but not this picture so soon.

And I want to leave you this post with a note that kids are a blessing from God and he has entrusted you as his good steward to take care of his creation.



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