Poor Grandparents Don’t Have Driveway!

Answering your child’s peculiar questions can be pretty daunting task sometimes. In the midst of our conversation the other day, I told my sons that once they go visit their grandparents in Nepal, they have to learn to live without power (electricity). They won’t see light most part of the day, as blackouts are quite frequent and have become a part of life. I showed my oldest one some pictures from Flickr and asked how he feels about it. His quick remark was that there are many motorbikes, and driveways are nonexistent.

Then he asked why his grandparents do not have driveway. To keep my answer simple, I told him that unlike most Americans, not many Nepalese people have their own cars. His next “Why?” question dropped even before I finished my answer. In one breath, I summed up that only rich people can afford to buy a car. Instantly, he concluded that his grandparents must be poor, since they do not have driveway. We all know kids say funniest things; here he equates driveway with richness. His quick-fire repartee, however, is so close to the truth that only rich can own a car in a country like Nepal.

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