Homebound Before Nepal Bound

The day that we were anxiously waiting was not that far when all this late drama unfolded. We were going to visit family in Nepal after six years but a bizarre incident almost jeopardized our entire plan. While playing soccer with my sons in the backyard, I fractured a metatarsal in my right foot. What initially seemed to be a normal sprain and bruise turned out to be a broken bone. The exterior side of right foot started discoloring.

UC visit tag
Waiting for my turn to be called in the doctor’s office

Anyone who has been to urgent care knows how much their name mismatch their service. You wait there for your turn that normally takes for more than 15 minutes. This time it took me around an hour to be called in for check up.

A nurse assistant finished her triage and did some paperwork.  A nurse came and asked couple of what’s?,  how’s? and  where’s? Q/As and so did the doctor when he entered the room. If that’s their ritual or something that all three asked me the same questions (pun intended). The doctor instructed me to pull my toes upward as much as I could, and he gently stroked the inflamed area. He guessed I probably broke a metatarsal. He had me go take six X-rays right away.

Conversation with x-Ray machine operator was also quite interesting. I asked what she thought had happened to my foot after looking at the X-rays. She said she was not allowed to discuss anything with the patient about X-rays. I just wanted to know her second opinion on my swollen foot if I would need a cast on it. She flatly refused to say a word. However, I could tell from her facial expression that the rule about sanctioning any operators from discussing anything to the patient when asked scares them. They think Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) might come after them anytime.

Later that night, my doctor confirmed that I broke my metatarsal and needed to wear a hard sole shoe and keep my foot elevated. He ruled out the need for cast since he did not want to ruin my upcoming travel. Instead, he advised me to come back and see him in a couple months. I was more comfortable with the idea as bone didn’t break completely and also was not protruding the skin. Nevertheless, it was still a heck of pain and not easy to walk with some sort of funny looking shoe and a crutch.

metatarsal fracture
Slowly recovering; Kids still want me to play soccer with them

The most frustrating part of this incident is that this happened only two weeks before our trip to Nepal. This gives me only fewer days to recover fully which can only happen with divine miracle. I try to stay positive thinking anything can happen before we leave.


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