Sluggish Internet But Ridiculous Price

Internet is very slow here. It’s, however, better than the ancient dialup where you would wait for your modem to dial and connect to the net. Yet, it’s just not good enough to update apps in my laptop, tablets or posting pictures or backing up datas in my devices. Sometimes I get frustrated when I can’t write right away the ideas that are popping in my mind due to the lack of either connectivity or speed. By the time I sit down and write a post, the flow of ideas would have already been interrupted. I’ll then be left with nothing but stare at the screen and ponder what I was trying to say in the post. I find it ridiculous how much telecommunication companies are charging their customers for such a slow internet service. They are charging nearly $75 for 3mbps ASL Broadband which is a exorbitantly high and nearly 8.3 times slower than what I pay in the US. What I don’t understand is why people pay so much to get that little data package! The Nepal Government boast that 9 million people have access to the Internet service but utterly ignore the fact that there could be a lot to improve the services they provide to their people. But who cares when most of the citizens use their internet mostly to chat or update their status on Facebook.

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