Nepalese Around the Globe: Doha, Qatar (Part I)

When we were planning to travel through Hamad International Airport, Doha in Qatar, I knew that I would be bumping into many Nepalese people in the airport. From my previous experience, I had this feeling that I would see them every corner inside the airport. Yes, I was absolutely right. I saw many Nepalese migrants working in the airport facilities. Some of them were entrusted with such an enormous responsibility that their slightest negligence in their job could cause insurmountable damage to any country. Despite being foreigners, they were positioned in the luggage screening job and airport security. If you happen to stay in the airport hotels where every review counts for their better ratings, you will come across many Nepalese serving there too. Seeing your countrymen in the workplaces like these give you sense of happiness.

You go to restroom, and you find Nepalese working as janitors. You find them in the restroom to hotel rooms and airport security to table wait in local restaurants and cafes. They are, literally, everywhere.

It was joyful to see your own countrymen everywhere in the foreign land. However, it’s disheartening to see the workforce of your country is forced to leave the country in search of better future. You cannot build up your country’s economy when the only feeble hands and shamble feet are left in the country. Their contribution to the down falling economy is if not nonexistent but just not enough. Unfortunately, this is the bitter cold reality of the country. A leader with tangible vision is what any country and, especially country like Nepal, needs to excel in the world which has enormous potential in tourism, agriculture, and hydropower. We have enough workforce but no visionary leader who can lead us through all adversities.

Indeed, a man without vision perish and this is so truly standing tall and smacking in our face when hundreds and thousands of our countrymen are leaving their families and relatives behind, so that they can feed their families. Remittance from the oversea jobs cannot build our own substantial economy unless we make it happen in our own in the country through all the potential means that we have been lavishly blessed with.

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