Spending a Month in “Goth” – Chhaupadi Pratha

In my recent visit to Nepal, my ol’ childhood good friends invited me to their office for a meeting. They have been working in the field of child rights and education. In their debriefing on how they are impacting the Nepali society in the far west Nepal, my friend told me that their vigorous effort to eliminate the malpractice of spending a month in “goth” or shed come to fruition in Dadeldhura this year. The practice is also known as “Chhaupadi Pratha,” where a woman in her menstruating period is segregated from all family members and limited her to the certain perimeters of her surrounding. Family sends her to live with cattle in the “goth” (shed), since that is the only place she could stay during her period. She is defiled thus impure. Only after her day of cleansing, she is received in her house and society. The NYT has a special video on the topic. Please take a moment to watch it.

Photo Source: Womennewsnetwork.net

Also, I had posted on it some time ago. To read more, please follow the link.

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