Passengers Roping For But What?

Have you ever had a car or bus ride where you had to get down and push it to pull aside or jump start? Well, I’ve had one of those experiences in the past where we were told to get off the bus and push it to start the engine that suddenly turned off on its own. You stay behind the bus or car in a push-up position, hold your breath, and push the vehicle with all your might just like the picture below;)

Bus stuck in Bajura road

How about pushing a truck? pushing a truck

or a tanker?


What about an AIRPLANE?

roping in passengersThe Independent reports that a plane’s take-off and landing gear failed to work due to Siberian cold while it tried to taxi onto the runway. The plane was boarded with seventy-four oil workers and seven crew members. Passengers had to get off the plane and forming a human rope to give it a push. Oksana Gorbunova, an official at the local prosecutor’s office was not entertained when he learned about the incident. Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted her saying that her office would be conducting an investigation into the incident. “They pushed the plane as if it was a car that had got stuck, which is categorically forbidden, as it can damage the plane’s exterior, for example.”

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