Not-So-Cool Teacher Gives me Goosebumps

This story is quite inspiring to me. When I saw this teacher doing something incredible like this for his students for decades, the urge to become a teacher like him almost completely took over me. I have been telling people who ask me what I want to do after seminary that I want to be a teacher – a teaching pastor. A Bible Teacher.

This video shows a dedication of a high school teacher Bruce Farrer, and his impact on his former students to whom he asked to write letters to their future selves for decades as an assignment. If you add all the hours he put on them to store and organize them, that is very unbelievable. It requires a maximum dedication and commitment to the cause. Anyway, he tracks down his former students after twenty years and mails their letters to their current address. The students in the video testify more than I can write here how much their lives were impacted by this not-so-cool teacher back then. Watch and enjoy and do not forget to appreciate your teachers who have walked with you an extra mile to make you what you are today.

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