Downtown Grand Rapids: Art of the Collaborative City

There was a time when people knew or had heard the name of Detroit more than the state of Michigan. They would more likely not know if you were to tell them that you were living in Michigan, least Grand Rapids. Usually I tell people back home that I live in a small village called Grand Rapids. However, I started learning to love this city for what it is – beautiful city with a lot of creativity and unpredictable weather.  

Also, my three kids were born here.

Beer loving people have even more reason to like this city, as it is one of the prominent craft beer producing cities. As someone told me that if you were to meet new people or looking for new friends, pubs and bars that serve craft beer must be the ones to visit 😉

Unfortunately, that is not the place for me to go. It does not mean that there is no place in the city for people like me who don’t drink. You may go to great burger places, restaurants that serve ethnic cuisines like Lebanese, Jordanian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. Grand Rapids is becoming a home to multi-ethnic and multicultural people.

What more? Grand Rapids is also #1 must visit city in 2015.

Also, take a look at this video!

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