Acceptable to Pantheons of Gods but Not to Men

Tari Macha JugiThis man is considered as a lower caste. By which means, he is from the lower spectrum of the Hindu caste system that automatically disqualifies him from access certain privileges that the higher caste people enjoy. He is socially and culturally barred from eating and drinking with his peers from the higher caste. He can go to “bhatti” or local bars and pubs with his friends and drink as long as he stays away from others’ way. In this sense, he can say he went there with friends and had a drink. However, in reality, the proximity of nearness in a little room does not seem what it appears to be in behaviors. Thus, it is not going to change anything at all as long as we as a society let discrimination against fellow human being on the basis of their caste.

He is often referred to as a Pani Nachalne Jaat. It’s loose translation will be an “untouchable” man. It is an irony that an untouchable man’s gift of music and himself are accepted to their gods and goddesses while he, a human being like anyone else who happened to born to parents that were labelled as lower caste, is not acceptable or untouchable to people. They even acquired him to come play his ancestral instrument that was passed on to him by his father called “maali” in every major ritual and pooja that happen in the temple and within the perimeters of Khokana. The way of life is such that a clay jar that is acceptable to gods and goddesses can be unacceptable to their own bhaktas or devotees!

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