Do You Grow Your Own Food?

Many of you wouldn’t know what our last name, Maharjan, means. Maharjans fall under the Newa:  caste system which defines a group of people who were/are farmers. Of course, Maharjans are not just limited to farming anymore. So, sometimes I wonder if our inclination to growing some of our food has to do with our roots.

I know, farming is not something many people aspire to get into. It may sound romantic, but yes, it is hard work. It is dirty work. Yet, we enjoy it and don’t think it has to be that hard. We started a small vegetable garden in our backyard. The more we do it, the more we love it and see a lot of value in this activity. We try to grow our food as organically as possible and they taste so much better. We see it as a time to work together as a family or to just let the kids play outside. The joyous experience of walking to our backyard to pick our fresh produce just can’t be compared to the trip to a store. You do not even need a yard if you don’t have it. You can grow it in pots inside your house, on your deck and in so many other ways. If you just have a will, there is a way.

Here is a sample of foods we grow. It has been a blessing to share our bountiful harvest with our friends and neighbors as well.


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