Highlights: Soccer U-8 Boys | Week 2


I do not regret paying to see my children enjoying one of their favorite games. I introduced all three of my kids to soccer (football) in their very early age. When my two boys were about a year and a half, they were kicking size 3 ball in the living room. Sometimes, they got me scared when the ball flew and hit the television screen. The very first international club team they enjoyed was FC Barçelona and they still do. Mr. S is more athletic in the family. He cannot wait to practice on practice day and play on Saturday. Today is his second week this season. Last week, I had to attend my oldest son’s game, since both boys had their game at the same time. As a result, I did not get to watch him play.

This morning, I was able to watch him play for half an hour while the oldest was practicing with his team at the other side of the field. This is the highlights from his game today, but I missed his long-shot goal from the center half though.




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