If We Were Having Coffee

The first thing we do every morning is grinding some fresh beans from the airtight jar. We often find ourselves worrying if we are going to wake up kids from their sweet morning sleep while grinding the beans. Sometimes, I feel like pre-ground coffee comes in handy on times as this morning. Kids were sound asleep. I feel very bad and am filled with guilt of waking them up for just a cup of freshly ground coffee. That is the worst feeling I get until I finish the very last drop of coffee. The aroma from fresh beans is also something that cannot be ignored when you come to the kitchen either.

A cup of freshly brewed coffee sets the pace of the day for my wife and me every day.  Once you start drinking coffee from fresh beans, you develop this taste that cannot be satisfied by other pre-ground coffee. I bet on this! Making a good cup of coffee, however, requires dedication and considerations in terms of proper measurements and the ground size. I learned this over the years. Coffee time is for pondering over life, family, spirituality, career and planning the day for me. So, if my wife and I were having coffee together regardless of time of the day, we were having a good time. We were bonding and enjoying each other’s company in the midst of our busy work schedule. When we were having coffee, our conversation would revolve more around us and little on self. Moreover, we were dreaming to make our dream come true and also for our kids.

Therefore, I wish we were having coffee even when things were not going easy for us.

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