A Family Activity We Enjoy:

One of our favorite things to do as a family is enjoying a walk on the beach and if it so happens, see the sunset at the same time.

Thought this, Over The Rhine, the song perfectly unfolded the sequence of our activities last night- I really did:

Leave the dishes in the sink don’t overthink it

Close up the brokenhearted piano

Join me on the porch if you can swing it

Let’s dream an ocean in Ohio

You’ve been working so hard I can feel it –

The clean and honest sweat upon your skin

I wanna see the rosy light on your face

Is this evening free or did it cost us everything

It’s our favorite time of light

Just before the day kisses the night

You see the redwing blackbirds fly

The sun’s a big ol’ lazy eye

And when the day is bending low

And rolling fields begin to glow

Feels like we traveled all this way

Just so I could hear you say

It’s our favorite

Our favorite time of light

Can you still hear those children singing?

Remember Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Now there’s just a lone blue heron flying

Dreaming an ocean in Ohio

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