KTM Zoo Adventure 2014

On this day, we were in Nepal 3 years ago. The last time we were in Nepal was when we only had Mr. P back in 2008. But, this was after having all our three kids. That year in 2014, we decided to fly our kids to Nepal so that we could formally introduce them to their grandparents and cousins. I had blogged about our journey in two separate posts in the past: Part I and Part II. Our journey was as smooth as butter. Our entire stay over there was good. The only one isolated case soured the experience of my oldest kid when he contracted food poisoning in the second week. Before that, he was adjusting to food and water just fine. Afterwards, he could not hold any Nepali food in his little tummy unless we served him typical American breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In the beginning of our second-week stay, I went to drop off my wife along with our daughter to her parents’ house. On our way home, my boys wanted to visit the only zoo we have in the entire nation. They wanted to try everything that I wished to avoid. They wanted to ride paddle-boat, feed hippo, get closer to stinky critters, and last but not the least, ride this wacky thingy. They were never allowed to ride a roller coaster or thrill rides in Michigan Adventure due to their age or height restriction. Their wish, however, became true in Nepal. It is hard to see us in the video, but they enjoyed to the fullest.

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