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PratyaBWWe recently celebrated Mr. P’s 9th birthday. I did not feel a bit that we have had this young fella for these many years. It is also a reminder to ourselves that we, too, are aging with our kids. Maybe, we like to only focus on our kid’s growth. While doing so, we either tend to forget our age or just pretend behind the veil of their celebration. Anyway, we are blessed to have him as our oldest child and a big brother to our two younger children.

Prat9 Bday Cake

The prospect of leaving those friends behind brought tears to his eyes. At some point, we decided not to bring out the topic of him joining the program in our house.

This academic year was also a new challenge and adventure for him. He was one of those few kids who had the opportunity to join the P.E.A.K.S (Parent, Educators, and Kids = Success) program. It is described as “an option for academically talented students who prefer an alternative to the traditional learning environment.” He worked hard to get into the program. Yet, he was not excited about this idea of going to a new school. The obvious reason for his hesitation was his close friends. His friendship with them, as we saw, was strong indeed. So, he did not want to part his ways from them. The prospect of leaving those friends behind brought tears to his eyes. At some point, we decided not to bring up the topic of him joining the program.

The day he heard from his class teacher of him being selected for the program, he came home crying. He did not like the notion of moving to a different school- a new classroom, a new teacher, and new friends. He had become comfortable with his surrounding in his former school. Evidently, he did not like to come out of his comfort zone. Throughout summer, my wife and I had to help him understand and accept any challenges, in whatever forms, they come his way. We also assured him that he still could be friends with his buddies. With a long face and sobbing, he locked his eyes with mine and smiled.

On his birthday, I was planning to take him to Kalamazoo Air Zoo for a biplane flight. Instead, my wife came up with a plan that would kill two birds with one stone. We had a party at Sky Zone so that he could invite his friends from his current school and reunite with his old buddies as well. The idea was worth a million dollar! His best friends joined him to celebrate his birthday. He had a good time; all had a party time.



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