Have you tried this Dr.?

I am so glad to have met this doctor who has made my life so much easier. Along with many of you conscientious parents, I too was getting concerned about all the toxic chemicals and pollutants our kids are exposed to every day through food, body products, detergents, and what not. A friend shared a video that opened my eyes to the world of hormone disrupters that are invading our lives. The more I educated myself on these pollutants that are making us even more susceptible to sickness, I knew I had to drastically change my lifestyle. I need to be an informed consumer (an “ingredient detective”), and not just go for the cheapest products. I also learned that just because something is expensive, pink or green “washed” does not necessarily mean they are completely safe. I have learned that I can’t assume a product is safe just because it looks trendy.

One of the brands I was using even made it to the list of MLM companies that are considered to be using safe ingredients. I definitely believe in the company’s mission and trust them enough to refer anyone to the use of their products. I am so confident in their mission that I even signed up to be a consultant. Unfortunately, with my almost full-time day job and family, I am not really able to focus on this business opportunity. Anyone who is doing it, I commend them SO much. I am grateful for the honorable work they are doing to educate and empower families with this important message.

As I continued my quest to learn how to acquire home and body products that are safe, inexpensive and accessible to my family, I stumbled upon Dr. Bronner’s soaps. I am so glad to have met you, Dr. Bronner. Dr. Bronner’s castile soap has become a base ingredient for a lot of the home and body products that I now make myself.

Thank you, Dr. Bronner. You have such a sense of humor that I spent one hour sitting on the toilet just laughing reading your wrapper. And, you are so popular at the Cascade Meijer that your section there always seems to be sold out. Some smart mamas or papas really want their hands on your soaps as fast as they can. I am glad I can trust your products and be at ease when I am in the bathtub for hours in your aromatic soap. You are welcome!

Feel free to post if you have gone through a similar journey and also products you recommend!

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