Bullies are the Cowards

It will be an understatement to say that this man is the most bullied person I have ever come to know. He was born in a place/street where it was considered that most educated men lived, yet he was viciously bullied and made fun of him for his conditions. Education alone does not change people. Next time you are around people with different abilities, be mindful that they do not need you to pity them but empathize with what they have to go through every day in our society. Growing up, we did not have a concept of bullying. Adults would brush aside anything related to bullying as ”just teasing.” It is not simply teasing but harassing, intimidating, or abusing the vulnerable through coercion or threat. Bullying is an aggressive behavior toward a person that can be characterized by three minimum criteria: hostility, imbalance of physical or/and social power, and repeated and habitual. Let’s teach our kids at an early age about bullying. It is not OK.

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